Second Street Catering & Pre-Orders

Place your pre-order for pick-up next day and beyond as well as all catering orders! Pre-orders for next day pickup must be placed by 7pm. If you'd like to place an order larger than the maximum allowed, shoot us an email at . For delivery, head to Caviar

1219 Second Street

Hot Fresh Donuts

+ Cookies and Cream
+ Cinnamon Brown Sugar
+ Strawberry Lavender

$15.00 Dozen add to bag

Fancy Donuts

+ Halva Lemon Pistachio
+ Marble Coffee Cake
+ Apple Crisp
+ Sweet Potato Pie
+ Mississippi Mud
+ Cranberry Chai

$25.00 Dozen add to bag

Catering Fried Chicken

Breast, thigh, & drumstick, served with a honey donut and your choice of seasoning or glaze, or assorted 24-piece tray of legs, thighs, and breasts, served naked with glazes on the side.
Available everyday starting at 11am.

$10.00 3 pieces add to bag
$75.00 24 pieces add to bag

Fried Chicken Sandwich

Boneless chicken breast, buttermilk ranch seasoning, American cheese, dill pickle and spicy Rooster Sauce on a Martin's Potato Roll.
Available everyday starting at 11am.

$8.00 Each add to bag
$88.00 12 sandwiches add to bag

Catering Wings

5 whole wings, served with a honey donut with your choice of seasoning or glaze, or 25-piece tray of wings, served naked with glazes on the side.

$10.00 5 wings add to bag
$45.00 25 wings add to bag


90 oz. box of our Federal Blend coffee. Serves 8-12 people. Comes with cups, lids, stirrers, sugar, & cream.

$23.00 90 oz. box add to bag

Chanukah Preorders

It's that time of year again! Celebrate Chanukah in style with Federal Donuts' take on sufganiyot - mini spiced cake donuts, dipped in light lemon glaze & filled with a dollop of raspberry jam!

Click here for more info & to pre-order.

$18.00 Box of 15

Donut Cakes + Walls

Looking for donuts for your special event? We offer donuts by the dozen for dessert spreads, donuts individually packaged as takeaway treats, tiered donut cakes, and donut walls! Shoot us an email at [email protected]  if you're interested in hearing more!

*Please note: donut cakes & walls require an 8 dozen minimum order, as well as an on-site assembly.